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Cyrus Two 'Signature Edition'

Those customers who paid the extra £340 over a standard 'Two + PSX' combination enjoyed a number of mainly cosmetic modifications over the Two:

  • A  smooth metallic black finish, an Alps Blue RK27 volume potentiometer (balance thus now absent),

  • Wima film capacitors bypassing the bipolar electrolytics mostly in the phono stage,

  • Hardwired cabling between the RCA sockets and input selector replacing the ribbon cable plugged into a socket at one end

  • Gold plated RCA connectors

  • A higher quality power connector/socket for supply from the PSX.

  • Gold plated machine screws for the top cover


With the standard example already being so good it would be suprising if any customer could have detected much if any sonic improvement but for those that desired the very best there was clearly a market!

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