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Only models below are overhauled:

Cyrus One & Two

NAD - 3020, 3120, 3130, 3220, 3225, 3240

Arcam Alpha 9 and Delta 290 Ampliifers

A&R Cambridge A60

Musical Fidelity A1, B1, MA50, MA65


A response can usually be expected during or by the end of the next working day (i.e 0900-1700 Mon-Fri only) to confirm pricing and details of how to ship your amplifier to the workshop in Suffolk. Repair service is strictly  to/from UK addresses only and not for overseas destinations.


Please provide the following information in the message field:

Amplifier make, model (plus serial number if visible or approx age)

Full details of fault and any other symptoms - e.g smoke, noise or smell and which inputs used when fault occured (e.g phono or line in?). This contact form is provided for actual repair enquiries only and omission of amplifier details will usually result in no reply. Regretfully the resources aren't available to continually advise DIY enthusiasts on fault remedies or sources for spare parts and you are directed to this excellent site instead  DIY Audio



All genuine queries are replied to by the end of the next working day but occasionally some responses are returned as undeliverable. Please ensure you submit your correct email address as otherwise you will never receive a reply!  If you think you haven't had a response after 2 working days then please check your email spam filter hasn't intercepted it or supply an alternative email instead.






Please read the information below before filling out the contact form

Please note:  Tuners, CD or DVD players/Home cinema/AV surround sound receivers/car audio equipment/subwoofers, DJ equipment are not repaired - just those specific amplifier models listed to the left only and nothing else!

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