The Audiolab 8000A dates from the early 1980's and is amongst one of the higher quality  British made consumer amplifiers of that era compared to the competition. As with most it does suffer faults however with the most common being disintegrating RCA sockets on the rear and output stage faults due to it's tendency towards instabilty with age. The latter almost always results in a completely dead amplifier and usually causes a large amount of damage to many other output stage components as well as burning areas of the printed circuit board meaning proper repair is a time consuming process.


A service to remedy both is available as below and all prices include shipping back to a mainland UK address):

Audiolab RCA

RCA Socket Replacement  - £115

This service is only suitable for those connectors with a 14mm spacing between adjacent inputs and not the earlier nickel plated ones with a wider spacing. It also includes a basic service to remedy any other minor faults which commonly lurk in most examples (e.g noisy controls, a small number of dried out electrolytics in certain locations, quiescent bias reset and an audio performance test to ensure compliance with original specification)

Fixed price overhaul/repair - £159

As well as repairing any faults on your 8000A all common problem areas are checked for and rectified under the basic fixed price repair, in particular all controls (tone, volume, switches etc) are all carefully cleaned and lubricated to return them to a serviceable noise and crackle free condition and treated to deter future deterioration  (price includes return carriage to a mainland UK address)


Note: if the mains transformer has failed (very rare though)  then a replacement is not covered under the fixed price repair cost and will be extra.



Audiolab 8000A RCA Connectors copy DSC_0143 (1)